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The Karma Kat Philosophy:

To play upbeat music that makes it hard to sit still, with a wild mix of Classic and Alternative Rock, RnB, Funk and Top 40 done their own way; and the occasional original to keep you guessing,

Combine positive energy with a passion for music and you are destined to have a good time.

“You get what you give”. This means at each show they give it all they got and what they get in return is an audience 

Meet the Band


A blues/rock Vocalist from south western part of Wisconsin that delivers the grit for rock one second and then a smooth soulful sound to sing blues and pop the next.  It has been said that she is a vocal chameleon but make no mistake her singing style is all her own. 

Tyler Johnson

Tyler has been playing guitar since he was 13 years old when he got his first taste of Heavy Metal. After switching to bass in the late 80s he has held down the low end for numerous Rock, Country, Blues and Funk bands throughout Michigan and Wisconsin including the popular Drivin' Blind, ODNT and Rewind Band. He even played bass for a polka band for a short time. He doesn't like to talk about it. Those were dark times.

He grew up in the 80s and thought it's three decades later his mind and spirit have stayed there. This shows his passion for music, performing for people and the Spirit of Rock & Roll!

Tyler uses Fender Basses and Acoustic Amps.

Paul Marcou

A dynamic yet non-stick-flipping Drummer who resides in the Madison area and has played in more bands then he cares to mention; some of which have been recognized at the Madison Music Awards for original material.

Music style: a little bit of everything; classic rock, RnB, pop, punk and is a closet disco freak. He also currently plays original material in a Pop-Punk band call Baristacide.

If you get a chance, ask him about his “sweet” stage name.  

David Gauze

A North Carolina native who played guitar in many clubs on Hollywood's Sunset Strip during the 80s,

Formerly played with JC & Legend and The Rewind Band. Also a current member of Rewound Image and often can be seen filing in on guitar with Nite Fire.


Can often be found at the HyVee salad bar or grabbing a HyVee pizza at 3:00 am after a gig.