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The Karma Kat Philosophy:

To play upbeat music that makes it hard to sit still, with a wild mix of Classic and Alternative Rock, RnB, Funk and Top 40 done their own way; and the occasional original to keep you guessing,

Combine positive energy with a passion for music and you are destined to have a good time.

“You get what you give”. This means at each show they give it all they got and what they get in return is an audience 

Meet the Band


A blues/rock Vocalist from south western part of Wisconsin that delivers the grit for rock one second and then a smooth soulful sound to sing blues and pop the next.  It has been said that she is a vocal chameleon but make no mistake her singing style is all her own. 

Dave Shanklin

A straight shooting Bass player who resides in the Madison area has been playing rock and country since the '80s.  Former bands include- Midlife Crisis, Howler and Stormin' Norman. He’s also currently playing in a band call Nite Fire.

Paul Marcou

A dynamic yet non-stick-flipping Drummer who resides in the Madison area and has played in more bands then he cares to mention; some of which have been recognized at the Madison Music Awards for original material.

Music style: a little bit of everything; classic rock, RnB, pop, punk and is a closet disco freak. He also currently plays original material in a Pop-Punk band call Baristacide.

If you get a chance, ask him about his “sweet” stage name.  

Paul "PJ" Johnson

This veteran Guitarist who resides just outside of Madison was inspired to start playing when sitting in the 1st row- directly in front of Eric Clapton at a Cream concert when he was 12 years old.

He has a varied performing background that ranges from Rock and Roll to Blues, Funk, Country & Western and  has been in more bands then he can remember. He can also be seen playing with the band Pink Houses

David Gauze

A North Carolina native who played at many clubs on Hollywood's Sunset Strip during the 80s,

Formerly played with JC & Legend & currently also plays in the Madison based Rewind Band.
Can often be found at the HyVee salad bar or grabbing a HyVee pizza at 3:00 am after a gig.